You know that…
Launching like a BOSS
has SIGNIFICANT power:

  • Power to make the sale
  • Power to boost your brand
  • Power to stop hustling and grinding so hard
You’re a lady boss who’s a bold thinker and changemaker.You are more than ready to build a profitable business that aligns with the dreams you have in life – you’re on your way but you’re overwhelmed by all the many moving parts of launching. Maybe you were in business but are now restarting and need to reset, recalibrate or learn a new strategy to get you back into position. Maybe you’ve worked hard to build an audience and even launched before, only to end up stressed, frustrated and with a bunch of offerings that no one knows about.

Here’s the truth:

You can launch your way and do it successfully but some pieces are simply non-negotiable. You need clarity, consistent action and an aligned strategy and plan in order to launch. Those goals are tangible, customizable, and completely within your reach. Here’s the good news: There’s an easier—and better—way to launch your course, program, or service with Confidence and you can do it your way.
Shanshera Quinn
Meet the Launch Boss
Shanshera Quinn, founder of Shanshera International LLC, is a launch strategist and marketing expert who specializes in helping entrepreneurs successfully create and launch compelling offers - all while doing it their own way. Known as the “Launch Boss”, Shanshera’s super power is her extensive background in psychology, marketing and leadership to show entrepreneurs how to make their offerings irresistible by tapping into both - their own and their ideal client’s unique psychology. Capitalizing on her expertise in helping lady bosses position themselves as the expert, package their skills and services for maximum impact and strategically promote their offerings… Shanshera’s proven to be their secret weapon for attracting more ideal clients, earning more money and making a greater impact. Having been recognized by legendary industry experts in the online marketing space for her entrepreneurial strategy and sales writing savvy, Shanshera has demonstrated the innate ability to find the value in each entrepreneur and help them show the world their talents. Her passion for seeing women launch successfully without the stress and overwhelm comes through in her “Launch Boss Academy”, her “Launch Your Way” Mastermind, her offer creation courses and her launch strategy sessions, where she supports entrepreneurs in launching their next offer with ease, grace and confidence.

Are you ready to launch like a boss with more certainty, more fun and more money in the bank?